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  • This calendar is written in Hungarian, we’re working on the English version now. :) You will find some seasonal, herbal recipes and tips every month on the PLANTETHICS perpetual calendar, some to eat, some to drink, and some to take care of your body or soul. You can benefit from what you find in it every year, so you can preserve it for a lifetime, passing on the beauty and knowledge it hides, from generation to generation. Moreover, you are supporting the work of 12 + 1 artists by purchasing our perpetual calendar as we asked 12 Hungarian contemporary illustrators and painters to create artworks for each month, matching the given tips and recipes.


  • We have designed the perpetual calendar in a way that you can display the illustrations separately on the wall as A5-size prints by carefully cutting off the bottom part (containing the days of the months and tips/recipes). You can also collect the recipes separately. So, in fact, by purchasing this calendar you become the lucky owner of 12 wonderful artworks expressing the beneficial connection of plants and humans, moreover you can even watch them all on your walls all year round! :) 


  • Featured artists: JANUARY Lilla Bölecz . FEBRUARY Bogi Bokori . MARCH Jutta Török . APRIL Pötyi Szilágyi . MAY Judit Orosz . JUNE Marina Tóth . JULY Ágnes Győrfi . AUGUST Eszter Kiskovács . SEPTEMBER Hanna Pajor . OCTOBER Eszter Bíró . NOVEMBER Panni Czikkely . DECEMBER Barbs Jen                     >> Thank you so much Girls for your trust, cooperation and hard work! <<



Premium Paper Clip

    • We asked contemporary illustrators to create drawings along plant ethics and our seasonal tips and recipes, expressing the nourishing connection between plants and humans
    • 12 seasonal tips and recipes according to plant ethics
    • 12 artworks of 12 Hungarian contemporary illustrators and painters
    • Designed and printed in Budapest, Hungary
    • Size: 15 A4 pages total, 12 A4 vertical calendar pages, incl. 12 A5 horizontal illustrations
    • Material: strong 100% recycled paper (300g/m2)
    • +GIFT: Rose gold or black premium Kikkerland paper clips to choose from
    • For a more sophisticated look you can purchase our 'REWOOD by SEBO' poster hangers in beech or walnut wood, size A4 or A5
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